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If you would like to book the SOS Trailer for a visit please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your event.

S.O.S Trailer Requirements (School Bookings)
SOS Trailer provides an opportunity for students to engage in hands-on trades-based learning at their school. With 8+ stations, the event will expose students to a wide variety of activities including a welding and excavator simulator, hairstyle techniques, and automotive skills. We have everything needed for set up and tear down including our own table and extension cords. We just ask that you consider the below items to ensure a successful day.
1. Each class ( Max 30 students) will participate separately. We have found that 80-minutes works well for students to work through each of the stations.
2. We will require your school gym to set up the stations. Set-up takes approximately 1-hour with teardown completed in about 30-minutes. 
3. Please let us know your school schedule so we can plan accordingly. Ideally, we will arrive by 8:30 AM to begin set up, so we can book the first group at 9:30 AM or later depending on your school schedule. Departure will depend on school schedule ideally; we would like to be backed up and ready to leave before buses start to arrive to avoid impeding the bus loop.
4. Volunteers and teachers – Teachers/ principals are asked to stay to help run the trailer depending how many volunteers have accepted to help that day. We need a minimum of 4 helpers on site to ensure that any problems the stations could cause can be fixed and any questions the students may need can be answered. We will be pulling helpers from our OYAP department including our partnership with the sparking success training as well as the Bruce power pension association.  
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